Julia's Run

‚ÄčOn  April 12th, the Order of Novae participated in a charity event, Julia's Run. Julia Rusinek Memorial Fund holds an annual run and a children's half-mile fun run to raise additional funds for charity and to commemorate Julia and celebrate her love of sports.

The funds raised from the April 12th event supported LEAP.
LEAP’s mission is to develop the strengths and talents of young leaders who implement year-round, community and school-based programming designed to achieve positive academic and social outcomes for children living in high poverty urban neighborhoods.

The very essence of LEAP stands for the primary components of a developing student’s life:
  • Leadership teaches students to make careful and safe choices;
  • Education serves as the tool to make and pursue dreams;
  • Athletics, arts and other cultural experiences bring meaning and confidence into life; and
  • Partnerships bring families, schools and community organizations together to create and sustain a landscape ripe for leadership, education and enrichment—for ALL children.

District Visitation Bake Sale

On May 9th, the Order of Novae held their second District Visitation bake sale.

The Novae have been very successful in raising money from their bake sales and would like to thank all Sisters and Brothers of Prince Hall Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star, State of CT., Inc. for their donations and support.