2016-2017 Grand Officers - Appointed

  Sis. Patricia Joyner (#1)
Grand Adah

Sis. Dorothy Gandy (#1)
Grand Ruth

Sis. Charlean Ceasar (#16)
Grand Esther

Sis. Jean Collins (#16)
Grand Martha

Sis. Mary Boswell (#8)
Grand Electa

Sis. Mae Brown (#1)
Grand Warder

Bro. Anthony Dawson (#2)
Grand Sentinel

Bro. Steve Godfrey (#9)
Grand Chaplain
Sis. Judy B. Simpson (#22)
Grand Assistant Chaplain

Bro. Torrence Clinepeat (#2)
Bro. Gregory Lawrence (#25)

Grand Musician

Sis. Eartha McCord (#8)
Grand Christian Flag

Sis. Helen Robinson (#21)
Grand U.S. Flag

Sis. Evelyn Brothers (#4)
Grand OES Flag

Sis. Tracey Ganues (#2)
Grand East Marshall
Sis. Naomi Chapman-Taylor (#14)
Grand West Marshall

Grand Special Deputy – Sis. Margaret J.B. Williams (#2)
Grand Asst. Special Deputy - Sis. Frankie H. Duarte (#2)

District #1 – Sis. Ruth Weldon (#21)
District #2 – Sis. Sandra Martin (#4)
District #3 – Sis. Ernestine Griffin (#25)
District #4 – Bro. Harold S. Williams Sr. (#7)

Grand Lecturer – Sis. Edna Corbin (#16)
Grand Assistant Lecturer – Bro. Charles Ellison (#2)

District #1 – Sis. Mary Bradford (#14)
District #2 – Bro. Ronald A. Thomas, Sr. (#2)
District #3 – Sis. Dorothy Langly (#26)
District #4 – Sis. Naomi James (#2)
Grand Advisors - Sis. Canarie G. Smith, PGWM; Sis. Marilynn G. Tucker, PGWM &                                         Sis. Phyllis M. Hargrove, PGWM
Grand CCFC – Sis. Juanita E. Wells, PGM (#7)
Grand Historian – Sis. Bryana P. Minor, PGWM (#2)
Grand Recorder - Sis. Gloria P. Willson (#7)
Grand Personal Assistant to GWM – Sis. Vija Denise Collins (#4)
Grand Soloist – Bro. Larry Hunter (#14)



Advance Registration – Sis. Sharon Lawrence
Annual Returns – Sis. Hazel Walker-Frankson
Appeals and Grievances – Bro. Dexter Chappell
Arts and Crafts – Sis. Etta Royster & Sis. Edith Gooch
Auditing – Bro. Matthew Stanley
Budget – Bro. William I. Tucker, Jr., PGWP
Community Service - Sis. Felicia Andrews
Constitution and Code - Bro. William Randolph, PGWP
Charity and Good Cheer – Sis. Joy Jones
Charters and Dispensations – Bro. Irving M. Reid, Jr., PGWP
Credentials – Sis. Ethel Franks
Event Coordinator – Sis Phyllis M. Hargrove, PGWM
Event Planner – Sis. Sonda J. Thomas
Finance – Bro. Ronald A. Thomas, Sr.
First Aid and Health – Bro. Alejandro Ramos
Flowers – Sis. Lila McDonald, Sis. Gladys Douglas & Sis. Kim Johnson
Grand Addresses – Sis. Bryana P. Minor, PGWM
Grand Photographer – Sis. Geraldine Whitehead
Grand Star Newspaper – 
Guest Protocol – Sis. Canarie G. Smith, PGWM
Grand Historian - Sis. Bryana P. Minor, PGWM
Grand Musician - Bro. Torrance Clinepeat
Hospitality – Sis. Linda McLaughlin
Jurisprudence – Sis. Karen E. Dowdell, PGWM
Kits – Sis. Surether Belton
Obituary – Sis. Robyn Peoples
Order of Novae –  Sis. DeLandra P. Grey, Grand Youth Director
Public Relations – Sis. Denise Robertson
Resolutions – Sis. Bryana P. Minor, PGWM
Scholarship - Sis. V. Denise Collins
Rules - Sis. Mary Rhodes 
Transportation – Sis. Mae Brown
Unfinished Business - Sis. Barbara B. Stanley
Vendors – Sis. Laura Johnson-Dawson


Transportation:  Hospitality:   
Sis. Mae Brown, Chairperson
Sis. Dorothy Gandy, Co-Chairperson

Sis. Linda McLaughlin, Chairperson
Sis. Esther Mitchell, Co-Chairperson